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DSM-V and Paraphilic disorders

Suicide by Clinic-Referred Transgender Adolescents in the United Kingdom

Hormone Therapy May Increase Multiple Sclerosis Risk in Some Transgender Patients

Sexual Dimorphism in the Age of Genomics: How, When, Where

Y-chromosomal genes affecting male fertility: A review

Genetics of the human Y chromosome and its association with male infertility

Transcriptional sexual dimorphism during preimplantation embryo development and its consequences for developmental competence and adult health and disease

Sexually dimorphic gene expression in mouse brain precedes gonadal differentiation

Sexually dimorphic gene expression emerges with embryonic genome activation and is dynamic throughout development

Y chromosome is moving out of sex determination shadow

Suicide by Clinic-Referred Transgender Adolescents in the United Kingdom

At what point does incompetence become fraud?

Ovaries and female phenotype in a girl with 46,XY karyotype and mutations in the CBX2 gene

Gender Dysphoria in children and young people: The implications for clinical staff of the Bell V’s Tavistock Judicial Review and Appeal Ruling

High-flying voyeur doctor admits watching someone shower through a hole

Demographic and temporal trends in transgender identities and gender confirming surgery

Schrödinger’s PCP

Correction: Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit

The impact of sex on gene expression across human tissues

Availability and Clarity of Information on Patient Single-Sex Accommodation provided by the NHS

Transvestic Fetishism in the General Population

Prejudging the transgender controversy? Why the Equal Treatment Bench Book needs urgent revision

Progression of Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents: A Longitudinal Study

Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Identity Is Associated with Physiological and Psychological Masculinization: a Theoretical Integration of Findings, Supported by Systematic Reviews

Dump the dimorphism: Comprehensive synthesis of human brain studies reveals few male-female differences beyond size

Gender Transition and Desistance in Teenage Girls: Two Psychotherapeutic Case Studies

Why isn’t the NHS collecting data on biological sex?

Mental Healthcare Utilization of Transgender Youth Before and After Affirming Treatment

Do we need the word ‘woman’ in healthcare? 

Sex offenders free to abuse children after changing ID

The transgender lobby wants to rewrite the law

Cisgender’ has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Sex deniers are the new flat earthers

Why are The Guardian suddenly so woeful on women’s rights?

Prejudging the transgender controversy? Why the Equal Treatment Bench Book needs urgent revision

Questions of a cancelled whistleblower

The violence of postmodern “gender identity” medicine

Caretakers of those with dementia prepare for the trauma of elderly trans people when they find their bodies altered

It’s obscene: A true reflection in 3 parts

Stonewall Equality List “bullies bosses and silences dissent”

A Follow-up Study of Boys With Gender Identity Disorder

The Lancet flawed editorial on trans youth

Gender Ideology is Wreaking Carnage in Our Medical Schools – An Eye Witness Report

Detransition-Related Needs and Support: A Cross-Sectional Online Survey

Sweden Ends the Use of Puberty Blockers for <16: New policy statement from the Karolinska Hospital

Revisiting the effect of GnRH analogue treatment on bone mineral density in young adolescents with gender dysphoria

Determination and regulation of body composition in elite athletes

Considering Sex as a Biological Variable in Basic and Clinical Studies: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement

A Feminist Doctor on Gender Identity Policies, Institutional Capture and Medicine

Written evidence submitted by British Association of Gender Identity Specialists to the Transgender Equality Inquiry

Sex, gender and medical data

Talk by Gender Identity Doctor to Medical Students on “Gender Identity Medicine”

Dr David Bell on Channel 4 News

Pretense of a Paradox: Factitious Intersex Conditions on the Internet

The BBC should be ashamed of its reporting on trans teenagers

Antiandrogen or estradiol treatment or both during hormone therapy in transitioning transgender women

Bell vs Tavistock and Portman

Suicide facts and myths

Trans healthcare professionals and a question of consent

Recent Article Criticises the Quality of Jack Turban’s Analysis

The Physical Damage in Prostitution: Report by a Gynaecologist from Street Work

GPhC to look at concerns over hormone scripts to pharmacies

NHS announces independent review into gender identity services for children and young people

Sex and gender: modifiers of health, disease and medicine

My body, my choice: privacy, consent and compulsion in personal care

De-sexing the Medical Record? An Examination of Sex Versus Gender Identity in the General Medical Council’s Trans Healthcare Ethical Advice

What do we know about the ethnicity of sexual abuse gangs?

Neither gender reassignment surgery nor cross-sex hormones improve mental health outcomes of people who identify as transgender

Freedom to think: the need for thorough assessment and treatment of gender dysphoric children

Sex, gender and gender identity: a re-evaluation of the evidence

Establishing a taxonomy of potential hazards associated with communicating medical science in the age of disinformation

Did you know…

Gender Dysphoria and Psychological Functioning in Adolescents Treated with GnRHa: Comparing Dutch and English Prospective Studies

Bias, not evidence, dominates WPATH transgender standard of care

Influence of Peers During Adolescence: Does HomophobicName Calling by Peers Change Gender Identity

Suicide Contagion and the Reporting of Suicide: Recommendations from a National Workshop

A Letter on Justice and Open Debate

Hormonal Treatment in Young People With Gender Dysphoria: A Systematic Review

Cosmetic Surgery and Body Dysmorphic Disorder – An Update☆

13-year-olds given mastectomies at California clinic

‘Niche’ transgender ideology ‘corrosive’ to society, says report

Gender-affirming hormone in children and adolescents

In humans, sex is binary and immutable

Half of all transgender prisoners are sex offenders or dangerous category A inmates

Suicide by trans-identified children in England and Wales

On existence of females 


Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years

Pedophiles are using Twitter to share child porn

Grooming within organisations – how to keep children safe

The Trojan Unicorn: Queer Theory and Paedophilia, Part I

The Trojan Unicorn: QT and Paedophilia, Part II

The Trojan Unicorn: QT and Paedophilia, Part III

The Trojan Unicorn: QT and Paedophilia, Part IV

Number of British paedophiles may be far higher than thought

Penny Mordaunt, THAT Mumsnet Webchat, And A Brewing Children’s Safeguarding Scandal

How NSPCC was revealed to not understand principles of safeguarding

Paedophile Carl Beech gave NSPCC talks to children about abuse

Sex offender busted as drag queen who reads books to children in city library

Green Party Verita Report: Safeguarding Failures in Challenor Case

Green Party Gets Child Abuse Report It Paid For

In England’s GREEN and Pleasant Land

Dr EM analyses Aimee Challenor scandal and connection between paedophilia and trans activism  

Queer theory and pedophilia

The reason Susie Green can’t take legal action is because nothing said about Mermaids, by gender critical people, is untrue.

Dr EM analyses Pedophile Manifesto

How did the pro-paedophile group PIE exist openly for 10 years?

Gay Rights activist Peter Tatchell is forced to deny ‘advocating paedophilia’ after 1997 letter about Papua New Guinea tribes emerges

Paedophilic cult of the Sambia tribe 

No, this isn’t a real Pride flag—it represents pedophiles


No glitter life: Don’t be swayed by middle-aged transitioners–including me

The Elephant In the Room

Transgenderism: a fetish that got out of hand?

“But there’s no such thing as autogynephilia!”: Phone Sex, the Male Gaze, and How Blanchard and Trans* Activists Both Get It Wrong

Trans Widows – Mumsnet thread


J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues

Forced Teaming, Feminism, LGB and ‘Trans Rights’

If ‘white feminism’ is a thing, gender identity ideology epitomizes it

The Nordic Paradox: Gender Equity and Sexual Assault

Anal sex study reveals climate of coercion

The Rainbow Reich: Transgender Ideology and Totalitarianism – part I

The Rainbow Reich, Part II: Academia, No-Platforming, Silencing of Women.

Freedom of speech – a brief guide to the law

Research on “cotton ceiling” – sexual coercion of lesbians by

300 examples of pervasive anti-lesbian harassment, coercion and shaming of exclusively same-sex attracted females by people the (L?)GBT community

A Witch Hunt at Humanists UK

Evidence of calls to remove single sex exemptions from Equality Act

Debate on TWAW, from an international human rights perspective

25 Ways To Spot a Secret T3RF

The gender wars of household chores: a feminist comic

Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights

A feminist critique of “cisgender”

Thread documenting bans and suspensions of feminists who fight against sexism and for sex-based rights

TRASHING: The Dark Side of Sisterhood

Stop Trans Chauvinism Statement Against Feminists Collaborating with the Right Wing

Graphic pornography is making teen boys ‘impotent’ and leading to violent and selfish sex acts

The effects of pornography use among adults and young people

The Third Wave “Dream Girl” Begs To Be Broken

Many porn stars viewed online are actually dead and buried…their ‘work’ killed them

Legalization has turned Germany into the ‘Bordello of Europe’ and we should be ashamed

Survivor of prostitution to sexwork lobby: I´m sick and tired of you

Lib Dem politician says schools should suggest prostitution as a career

Women are Human

Do Women Exist? The Science of Sex, the Politics of Gender, and the Materialist and Dialectical Thinking Meeded to Distinguish the Two

1975 – The day Iceland’s women brought the country to a halt

Prof Kathleen Stock speaks at Women’s Place UK talk: full text House of Lords Oct 10th 2018

Meet The Men Behind Your Favorite Women’s Websites

Why I’m sick of calls for full decriminalisation of prostitution

Pro-Prostitution Marxism is Revisionist, Woman-Hating Nonsense

Take Back the Day by Andrea Dworkin

Juries have no place at rape trials – victims deserve unprejudiced justice 
by Julie Bindel

Supporting gender non-conforming and trans identified students in schools

The modern john got himself a queer nanny

Richard Dawkins has lost it: ignorant sexism gives atheists a bad name

EXCLUSIVE: Epstein Flights, Photos,Who Fought Case Unseal & Mar-a-Lago Ban

Samaritans split over obscene calls

Boxed in: the fragility of men 

Gender Ideology

Pornography’s role in gender ideology

Sissy porn, the gender movement’s dirty secret

Resisting TERF’s and Transforming Their Organizations

Beginner’s guide to the ‘gender identity’ war and why JK is right

Bill to ban FGM blocked in Wyoming by radical trans activists

The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists


Pronouns are Rohypnol

Link between transgenderism and transhumanism 

Losing Sight of Women’s Rights: article for Scottish Affairs

Scottish trans policy ‘detrimental’ to women and girls

The New Gay Conversion Therapy?

Government set to begin next phase of gender transition research

Gendered Intelligence Training Session for Teachers at ‘Kiss My Genders’

NSPCC Employee Films Himself Masturbating at Work

Sex and Gender were intentionally conflated in the GRA consultation

Hoodwinked by the government

Identity politics are anti-Marxian and a harmful diversion from the class struggle

The only thing that unites us is class

Women, class and gender – a Communist perspective

We’re Still Here Conference 8th September: A report from the inside

An Open Letter to the Guy on Twitter Who Wonders if Biological Sex is Real

Decoupled from reality

I Was America’s First ‘Nonbinary’ Person. It Was All a Sham

Collective narcissism and identity politics: No empathy required

Trans Health Manifesto – the list of unreasonable demands

Transsexuals and transvestites were not as a group targeted by nazis

Transactivist’s violent tweets

The Unspoken Homophobia Propelling the Transgender Movement in Children

A very bad month in the courts for the transgender movement

A grand conspiracy to tell the truth: An interview with 4thWaveNow founder & her daughter Chiara of the Pique Resilience Project

Tumblr — A Call-Out Post

Open University forced to cancel conference following threats from the transgender lobby

Homophobia and misogyny of transactivists

Link between transhumanism and transgenderism – thread by April Halley

Is Britain FINALLY coming to its senses over transgender madness? by James Kirkup

I am Not and Have Never Been Gender Dysphoric

Ten things you’re not supposed to know about the transgender industry

The Left Are Abandoning Women; and in Doing So, Abandoning Everything They Stand For

The Wolf of Masculinity is Dressed Up in the Sheep’s Clothing of Gender Ideology; Progressiveness is Now an Exercise in Destructive Male Entitlement

I’m a Transman Who Is Detransitioning. Here’s Why.

Accidental Death of a Manarchist – idiots guide to transgender ideology

Transgenderism: The Latest Anti-Feminist Wedge of the Left

Trans Fact Checker

The New Evolution Deniers

Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science

Toward an End to Appropriation of Indigenous “Two Spirit” People in Trans Politics: the Relationship Between Third Gender Roles and Patriarchy

The Philosophical Contradictions of the Transgender Worldview

Transgender rights – How did we get here?

Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics

Yogyakarta Principles: International Threat to Women’s Rights

I think self declared sex changes are a poorly thought out idea: My evidence to MP’s 

Gender-Inclusive Legislation Associated With Increased Harm to Women

How did the T get in LGBT?

Who are the rich white men institutionalizing transgender ideology

Why “transwoman” is a very bad word

Lesbophobia in online trans activism

What Does Trans Big Pharma Astroturfing Mean For Women Rights


Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism

Hannah Arendt explains how propaganda uses lies to erode all truth and morality: Insights from Origins of Totalitarianism

Post-structuralism, Butler and Bodies

The Professor of Parody

The only thing that unites us is class

Academic philosophy and the UK Gender Recognition Act

Lost Down Social Constructionism’s Epistemic Rabbit-Hole

Hannah Arendt Explains How Propaganda Uses Lies To Erode All Truth and Morality: Insights from The Origins of Totalitarianism

Thread on Univariate Fallacy by Colin Wright

Notes on “cis”

Language: cis, trans, pronouns

Glossary of undue influence


Could Covid-19 vanquish neoliberalism?


The fatal, hateful rise of choking during sex

Transwomen violence against women and girls in toilets

Man charged with sexually assaulting teenage girl on hospital ward

One in 50 male offenders now self-identify as transgender

Man Arrested For Posing As Female Nurse Has Won Medals in International Women’s Sports

Tech reporter charged with soliciting child sex online

Feminist speaker Julie Bindel ‘attacked by transgender person’ at Edinburgh University after talk

Thread examining statistics regarding violence toward transpeople

Letting criminals self-identify gender ‘putting women at risk’

From privileged upbringing to triple attempted axe murderer

Meet the Experts Training Police in the UK on Trans Issues

Police used ‘violent’ transgender activist for equality training

Women’s Refuge Opens Doors to Male Transgender Who Threatened to Kill His Female Partner

A convicted pedophile with a lengthy history of preying on young girls is now living as a woman in a Brampton halfway house

Transgender Lawyer Suing Graham Linehan Was Convicted Threatening a Man With a Golf Club

Sex offender Gordon Pike helped set prison trans rules

New evidence submitted to Prison Planning Inquiry: The rising number of trans-identifying male offenders in women’s prisons.

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

How often are transgender people murdered?

Trans murder rates: the data

Male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children

Trans crime UK

TERF is a slur 

For the Love of Money


A Victory for Female Athletes Everywhere

IAAF doctor predicts intersex category in athletics within five to 10 years

Hubbard moment the biggest and most blatant injustice in Samoa XVI Pacific Games

Open Letter to the International Olympic Committee by Ana Paula Henkel

Is Women Winning Ultras Overall a Trend?

The Obscure Ultra-Endurance Sport Women Are Quietly Dominating


Women’s health

The comparative safety of legally induced abortion and childbirth in the US

Nurse mistakes pregnant trans-identified woman (transman) as obese. Then, the woman births a stillborn baby

Grotesque example of medical sexism : see the link below

Attractiveness of women with rectovaginal endometriosis – a case control study

Sexist forum discussion of the above study

When Being a Tall Girl was a Medical Condition: DES and the Tall Girls

Sorry, Men Can’t Get Pregnant

Current perspectives on the ethics of selling international surrogacy support services

Why the drugs don’t work for women and what to do about it

Drug trials ‘ignore’ effects on women

Exploring the risk between menopause and Alzheimer’s

Breast cancer risk from using HRT is ‘twice what was thought’

Why Women Are Diagnosed with Diseases Later Than Men

Single Sex Hospital Wards have always been Single Gender Wards. We were lied to from the beginning. Purposefully. Here’s the evidence from NHS documents.

Sex, gender snd the NHS

Mixed-sex wards endanger and humiliate women

The trouble with girls: obstacles to women’s success in medicine and research—an essay by Laurie Garrett

Why Do Hundreds of US Women Die Annually in Childbirth?

India probes as no girl is born in three months in 132 villages


Attachment Patterns in Children and Adolescents With Gender Dysphoria

The Controversy Surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: A Case History of the Politics of Science, Identity, and Sex in the Internet Age

My battle with the transgender thoughtpolice – James Caspian on the suppression of his research into people who detransition.

Outbreak: On Transgender Teens and Psychic Epidemics

Disaffirming Gender: Somatic Incongruence as a Co-function of Ideological Congruity 

The Lifespan of a Lie: The most famous psychology study of all time was a sham. Why can’t we escape the Stanford Prison Experiment?

Why Is Transgender Identity on the Rise Among Teens?

A new study of social contagion raises important clinical and ethical questions.

What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway – by Bailey, J. Michael and Triea, Kiira

Shame and Narcissistic Rage in Autogynephillic Transsexualism

The SocioMedical Construction of Transsexualism: An Interpretation and Critique

Autogynephilia and the Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism: Concepts and Controversies – by Ann A. Lawrence M.D. , Ph.D

Clinical Observations and Systemic Studies of Autogynephilia by Ray Blanchard

Deconstructing the Feminine Essence Narrative

Sports medicine

Large divergence in testosterone concentrations between men and women: Frame of reference for elite athletes in sex-specific competition in sports, a narrative review

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in an Elite Female Soccer Player; What Sports Medicine Clinicians Should Know about This?

Transgender row stoked by new findings

Of sport, sex and gender

Myonuclei: the male-to-female sporting advantage

Harder, better, faster, stronger: why we must protect female sports

Comparing Athletic Performances – The Best Elite Women to Boys and Men

Transgender sport: advantage upon advantage

Transgender sporting participation: time to frame the debate

The IOC and transgender participation: in their own words

Genes, Gender, Hormones, and Doping in Sport: A Convoluted Tale

Natural Selection for Genetic Variants in Sport: The Role of Y Chromosome Genes in Elite Female Athletes with 46,XY DSD

Preservation of volumetric bone density and geometry in trans women during cross-sex hormonal therapy: a prospective observational study

Researchers claim testosterone cap won’t fix trans athletes’ ‘unfair advantage’


Gender identity issues linked with personality disorders, say psychologists

Prevalence of Axis II Disorders in a Sample of Clients Undertaking Psychiatric Evaluation for Sex Reassignment Surgery

The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder

Apotemnophilia, body integrity identity disorder or xenomelia? Psychiatric and neurologic etiologies face each other

A New Way to Be Mad

When Psychiatry Battled the Devil

What does Dr ‘James’ Barry have to do with Satanic Panic?

Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’

Long-Term Follow-up of Exhibitionists: Psychological, Phallometric, and Offense Characteristics

The three dimensions of online child pornography offending

The hidden offenders

Pessimism about pedophilia

Lobotomy: The rise and fall of a miracle cure

Possible Neurobiological Underpinnings of Homosexuality and Gender Dysphoria

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

Dynamic Predictors of Sexual Recidivism

Multiple Paraphilic Diagnoses among Sex Offenders 

The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder

The biggest myth about our brains is that they are “male” or “female”

Neuroscience in the Public Sphere

How different are women’s and men’s brains – Q and A with Prof Gina

Is transgender ideology making the UK’s mental health crisis worse?

Fifty psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid: a list of inaccurate, misleading, misused, ambiguous, and logically confused words and phrases

Child health

Surgery on intersex children may stop

Puberty blockers and parental consent

Should we give puberty blockers to kids? A thread by Malcom Clark

‘Gender clinics operate with weak evidence, most doctors unaware’

The NHS has quietly changed its trans guidance to reflect reality

The “Natal female” question

Children being put at risk by transgender books that ‘misrepresent’ medical knowledge, academic claims

Gender Identity Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence


The Tavistock’s Experiment with Puberty Blockers by Professor Michael Biggs

Brain Maturation, Cognition and Voice Pattern in a Gender Dysphoria Case under Pubertal Suppression

Parents are encouraging children as young as three to change gender without consulting specialists, experts warn

Puberty blockers so severely inhibit normal bone density development, that after 3 years of PB, adolescent girls had lower bone densities than 97.5% of their peers

How gender ideology motivated medical research fudges results and attempts to redefine abnormal as the new normal

Doubts over evidence for using drugs on the young

Puberty blocking drugs: ‘For the past four years I’ve been stuck as a child’

It feels like conversion therapy for gay children, say clinicians

GIDS Review Action Plan (significant info regarding how paralysed clinicians are due to relentless pressure from the trans lobby start on page 23)

Testosterone being given to 8-y-o girls, age lowered from 13: Doctors

Exposing the connection between doctors giving testosterone to 8 yo girls and testosterone manufacturers

The Gender Identity Phantom

Tavistock’s Experimentation with Puberty Blockers: Scrutinizing the Evidence

Tavistock’s Experiment with Puberty Blockers: an Update

The Tavistock and Portman FOI response

Evidence for Gender-affirming hormones in children and adolescents

Governor quits ‘blinkered’ Tavistock trans clinic

Use of puberty blockers for gender dysphoria: a momentous step in the dark

Lupron Lawsuit

Growing Pains – Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria

Testosterone & young females: What is known about lifelong effects?

The Role of Puberty in Developing Adolescent Brain

Puberty and structural brain development in humans

I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse

Gender Dysphoria and Children: An Endocrinologist’s Evaluation of I am Jazz

Assessment and support of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria


Report of Fertility in a Woman with a Predominantly 46,XY Karyotype in a Family with Multiple Disorders of Sexual Development

Phenotype, genotype and gender identity in a large cohort of patients from India with 5α‐reductase 2 deficiency

A Scientist Reviews Transgender Suicide Stats

The Theatre of the Body: A detransitioned epidemiologist examines suicidality, affirmation, and transgender identity

Hormonal therapy and sex reassignment: a systematic review and meta-analysis of quality of life and psychosocial outcomes

How common is intersex?

How well sex chromosomes match observed genitalia

An Open Letter to Cancer Research UK

Psychological and behavioral effects of obesity prevention campaigns

Tackling obesities: Future choices – Project report

Confronting and Coping with Weight Stigma: An Investigation of Overweight and Obese Adults

Barriers to routine gynecological cancer screening for White and African-American obese women

Transgender medicine

Hospital Debates Penis Transplant in Transgender Patient

Molecular karyotyping in children with gender dysphoria

Endocrine society clinical practice guidelines

Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons:An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline

Transgender Meds: A Call for Reports

Medical fraud in Australia – doctors advised to lie transmen are male and have “no testes and androgen deficiency” in order to procure off-licence testosterone

Detransitioner’s testimony – “I’m still Debbie”: Man reveals sex change was “greatest mistake” – and he wants to be a woman again

Gender-affirming hormone in children and adolescents

Gender Dysphoria Resource for Providers – Compiled by William Malone, MD, this resource lists top studies on the effects and outcome of gender therapies on patients.

The book that dares to take on transgender myths told to children: Experts reveal psychologists are scared to question transgender ideology, GPs are afraid of being branded transphobic and teens are being wrongly diagnosed

Examining Health Outcomes for People Who Are Transgender

Casualties of a Social, Psychological, and Medical Fad: The Dangers of Transgender Ideology in Medicine

Royal College of General Practitioners’ statement on transgender care

What We Don’t Know: Does Gender Transition Improve the Lives of People with Gender Dysphoria?

Gender Dysphoria and Surgical Abuse

The secret trans literature “THEY” don’t want you to know about!

Prospective Evaluation of Self-Reported Aggression in Transgender Persons

Transition as Treatment: The Best Studies Show the Worst Outcomes

The Ocurrence of Acute Cardiovascular Events in Transgender individuals Receiving Hormone Therapy – Results from a Large Cohort Study

Gender differences in drug effects: implications for anesthesiologists

Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden

Gender incongruence in children, adolescents, and adults

What it’s like to be a transgender patient and a GP

The Gender Identity Phantom

WPATH Open Letter

Gender Ideology Harms Children

Stop funding research that ignores sex and gender, says expert

Casualties of a Social, Psychological, and Medical Fad: The Dangers of Transgender Ideology in Medicine

Margaret McCartney: Medicine must do better on gender

Karyotyping, is it worthwhile in transsexualism?

Hormone and genetic study in male to female transsexual patients.


Chromosomal sex differentiation in mammals

Every Cell Has a Sex

Y-chromosome descent clusters and male differential reproductive success: young lineage expansions dominate Asian pastoral nomadic populations

6,500 Genes Are Expressed Differently in Men and Women


The importance of having two X chromosomes

Sexual differentiation (Endotext) 

In humans, sex is binary and immutable

Not] True Hermaphroditism

BGDB Sexual Differentiation – Sex Determination (Gilbert)

Chromosomal Sex Determination in Mammals

BGDB Sexual Differentiation – Sex Determination

The Intersex Masterpost

Sex is binary: Scientists speak up for the empirical reality of biological sex

Eight Things You Need to Know About Sex, Gender, Brains, and Behavior: A Guide for Academics, Journalists, Parents, Gender Diversity Advocates, Social Justice Warriors, Tweeters, Facebookers, and Everyone Else
by Cordelia Fine, Daphna Joel and Gina Rippon

Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior: Eight Counterpoints

Responding to Ideas on Sex Differences in Brain and

Do Monkeys Prove Gender?

The non-binary brain – Misogynists are fascinated by the idea that human brains are biologically male or female. But they’ve got the science wrong.

Sex begins in the womb

Chromosomal sex differentiation in mammals

The science of sex 

Is sex a spectrum?

Sex Determination

Principles of Sex-Based Differences in Physiology

Sex Hormones, Exercise and Women 

Beyond Sex Differences: Genes, Brains and Matrilineal Evolution

Sex Differences – 1207 pages of PubMed citations concerned with differences between the sexes

Books relevant to sex differences 

Neurosexism: the myth that men and women have different brains

Sexism in STEM – the evidence

Scientists don’t really get the female brain – and it’s a problem for women’s health

Is Sex Really a Spectrum?

Sex determination and differentiation is about as binary as it gets

Bonobos Form All-Female Coalitions to Target Violent Males

Wegener Foundation list of articles and white papers

The Disgraceful Episode Of Lysenkoism Brings Us Global Warming Theory


Dr Emma Hilton reviews the science supporting the IOC decision to let male-born transgender athletes into female competition

The Hormone Health Crisis with endocrinologist William Malone MD

The trans train and teenage girls

The Feminist Impasse – With Dr Jane Clare Jones and Benjamin A Boyce

Professor Kathleen Stock speaks about academic silence in trans debate at A Woman’s Place Meeting

How Neurononsense Keeps Women in Their Place – with Gina Rippon

The terrible fraud of transgender medicine

Why sex really matters 

This never happens

Cross-dressing among nazi-era German Wehrmacht soldiers

Queer theory pedophilia jeopardy with Derrick Jensen

Dr Laidlaw on AB 2119 Foster Care Gender Bill

UK Human Rights Comm. MP Joanna Cherry questions Twitter on allowing violence against women #TERF