What the water gave us


Most of what’s discussed on this blog was already written in abbreviated form as threads on twitter. Those posts will start with a twitter link, and I encourage you to click on them so that you can see the comments which greatly contributed to the discussion.

Here, I aim to expand on those threads with further links, pictures and thoughts, in order to contribute to the fight against male violence and erasure of women as a sex class in the name of “gender identity”.

Due to my medical training I hope to contribute a scientific perspective on gender ideology and highlight, with facts and examples, its pitfalls.

As a bilingual person and an aspiring novelist, I like to analyse how manipulation of language and logic contributed to conflation of sex and gender and enabled misogyny to pass as social justice activism in the age of shortened attention spans, selective empathy and proliferation of meaningless catchphrases.

Whether you are here to agree or disagree, I am grateful for the time you took to examine my writing. The comments are moderated, so be patient if I take a while to approve yours.

If you’d like to publish some of my articles, collaborate or get in touch for any reason, please use the contact form.


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