What women who embrace identity ideology might have not anticipated



I wonder about a young woman who has embraced identity ideology and is gleefully abusing women who object to it. Is she doing this because she is ambitious?

Does she feel “woke” acting on behalf of misogynists who have appropriated the language of their victims in order to demolish all the sex-protections that women have fought for?

I wonder if one day, if this religion establishes itself firmly in law, she will look at politicians who are only men and transwomen and feel unrepresented?

When she sees that women’s sport is filled with men who feel like women competing with each other, will she feel bad for all the women who never got the chance?

Will she feel sick when she realises that when a woman goes into prison or a shelter or a hospital word or a nursing home, she is going into a place where sex offenders can don new identities and treat these places like brothels?

If now, with women’s rights still in place, rapists go unpunished all the time, what does she think will happen in a system where women have no control or input anymore?

If she happens to be sexually assaulted by a man, which is a very common crime, will she avoid seeing a doctor, police officer, nurse, rape counsellor, when she realises that choices lie between men and men who identify as women?

And if she’s ever attacked by a man who self-identifies as a woman, will she feel utterly desperate when the system forces her to refer to him as a “her”?

What will she feel when she’s not even allowed to accurately describe what happened to her because she’ll be on trial for “misgendering” before she even finishes her testimony?

Will social media still be here as we know it, so she can vent to other women anonymously, or will every internet platform be populated by male mods who identify as women, who will censor and delete every one of her testimonies? Maybe even threaten her over it? Persecute her?

Most of all I wonder, if she happens to give birth to a daughter one day, will she celebrate it? Will she dare explain to her how this nightmare dystopia came to be?

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