Trans ideology is unravelling


Trans ideology is unravelling in the public eye.  People are becoming aware of absurdity of claims that men can imagine themselves into women’s reality, and the consequent threat to women. But once this is over, apologising and going back to business as usual will not be enough.

The claim “men are women if they say so” and censorship and intimidation of women who object to this on basis of science and fact, are being exposed for what they are – another form of misogyny and passive-aggressive male violence that relies on gaslighting.

Sex can’t be changed, this is a fact of nature. Men are kept away from women-only spaces for a reason (male violence). So how did we get to the “transwomen are women, let them in or you’re a transphobe” culture?

By men who are invested in violating women’s boundaries supporting these absurd claims because they serve their agenda, that’s how. That it worked so well exposes just how endemic misogyny is among men who occupy majority of positions of power.

Whether men who endorse this absurd ideology “know what they are doing” or not is irrelevant – if they do, they aren’t fit to represent women’s interests. If they aren’t, they aren’t fit to represent anyone. They have to go.

The biggest reason why misogyny still thrives is because misogynysts aren’t punished or prevented from repeating their mistreatment of women. Women beaters are making political decisions. Rapists fail to be adequately punished even when they rape children.

Irresponsible journalists who gaslight that those who stick to observable biological facts are “on the wrong side of history” are allowed to continue poisoning public opinion, they aren’t censored. They aren’t fired. Their reputation isn’t ruined.

On the other hand, women who refuse to submit to demands of these men, no matter how absurd they might be, are censored, maligned, threatened, fired. This demonstrates a conspiracy among men in power, to punish their victims.

So much can be extrapolated from this. Wars, for example. Wilful destruction of the planet for profit. Most ills that blight our civilisation are attributable to those who are overwhelmingly in charge – men.

So once this latest attempt at subjugating women to misogynists fails, apology won’t be enough. We must demand that men PROVE they won’t abuse their power again. And that will take time. Their word cannot be trusted. Prevention is necessary.

One solution is to ban all men from power, for a long time. This is not practical. What is much more practical is to mandate 60% women in ALL positions of power, by law. So women have a majority and can’t be dismissed or overruled. Without this concession, we have no deal.


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