Trans activist defence mechanisms (evolving list of examples)

It is anyone’s guess what proportion of trans activism involves deliberate gaslighting and what proportion involves vulnerable people with certain personality profiles employing immature defence mechanisms. Nonetheless, there’s a flavour to their illogical and abusive behaviour that could be described as “psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses and to maintain one’s self-schema or other schemas”.

This intrigues me so in this post I aim to list examples.


“A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, whereby that which is emotionally unacceptable in the self is rejected and attributed (projected) to others.”

So, when trans activists say:

“Our existence isn’t for debate” they mean “We are debating existance of women”.

“Feminists are committing literal violence against us” they mean “We are committing literal violence against feminists”.

“You are trying to erase us” they mean “We are trying to erase women”.


What he means is, trans activists have been harassing and threatening women for several years now. One trans-identifed male thug has been recently convicted of attacking and repeatedly punching a woman who attempted to take photos at a peaceful feminist gathering. A group of masked trans activists stood outside the court during the proceedings, intimidating feminists who could be their grandmothers. A further gang of masked trans activists threatened, bullied and tried to prevent a peaceful feminist meeting in Bristol yesterday, while the police stood around and did nothing. Also, there’s a significant body of evidence of trans-identified men attacking women and children.

There’s literally never been a single case of a woman, let alone a feminist, behaving in this way toward a trans person.


What this trans activist really means to say is that he publicly supported and justified the criminal actions of the abovementioned violent thug and never apologised for it. He’s also “afflicted by a suffocating groupthink” because he uses his platform to chant “transwomen are women” and antagonise anyone who asserts the scientific fact that sex matters and it cannot be changed. He is “intolerant of critics” and threatens all non-believers in trans ideology with being “on the wrong side of history” (to be fair, this is a projection within a projection and I suspect a bottomless pit lies beneath it). He “hounds internal dissenters” by using false accusations of “transphobia” to smear gender-critical women. As for “people who made it because of connections and/or personal background rather than merit”, could it have helped his platform within the far left establishment that he is a “fouth generation socialist” whose “grandfather was involved with the Communist Party and his parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant tendency”? All I know is that I’m struggling to think of anyone more lacking in professional merit.

In another example, we have a TV doctor from a show “Embarrassing Bodies” respond to a comment I made in a discussion with two other doctors.

One of the doctors claimed that women have prostates and the other defended her ideological position by quoting GMC guidelines on compassionately referring to transgender patients in their preferred pronouns and gender.

I replied by linking to my analysis of medical mismanagement of a trans-identified woman (aka transman), who had her renal transplant delayed for a full year because male rather than female values were used to calculate her glomerular filtration rate,  and reminded them of their ethical responsibilities.

IMG_1919The Freuduan slip “crapulous” is quite interesting. He appears to think this means “bad quality”, whereas it actually means “intemperance in drinking alcohol”. This is especially revealing if you consider a substance-misuse related scandal he was involved in a few years ago, which was described in all its gory detail in a news article titled EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s embarrassing but I wasn’t going to go through with it’: Dr Christian Jessen defends inviting stranger to his flat for ‘drug-fuelled romp’


The “dull and irrelevant blog” could be a projection of a salve of negative criticism his tv show “Embarrassing Bodies”, which televises people with health problems, received over the years. It remains unclear why are these problems deemed “embarrassing” rather than simply common presenting complaints seen in GP surgeries country-wide, and why these patients needed to go on national television to see Christian instead of simply making a doctor’s appointment. But if what I’ve seen of the show, and particularly of Christian’s own contribution to it, is representative, I couldn’t put it more succintly than describing it as “dull and irrelevant”.

As far as “bigotry” goes, last week on twitter, Christian re-engaged on his post from 2016 (which I am told was related to Adam Johnson case) with Adrian, and was seen culturally relativising paedophilia and calling it “critical thinking”:


Feminists including @MRKHvoice subsequently attempted to have a discussion with Christian and Adrian regarding their apparent lack of awareness of child safeguarding issues (which apply to all children, including 12 year old African girls) but saw both of them double down on their claims, including this short and to the point response:


Eventually, and I’ve been told, two GMC complaints later, Adrian has embarked on a twitter apology tour






While Christian remains unrepentant and is, significantly, in the process of using his high media profile to advocate pornography to be shown to schoolchildren.


Here’s another particularly abhorrent example:


With practiced ease, this white, male politico projects his own moral failing of empathising with manipulations of a convicted paedophile murderer (who reportedly declared himself trans, started using one of his victims’ mother’s name and is angling for transfer to women’s prison). Lest anyone wonder what Alisdair Calder McGregor thinks about women who are concerned that gender self-identification will allow dangerous criminals to abuse the system, here’s the answer – treat them like Romans treated Carthage (destroy them!)


From that time, he began concluding his speeches—on any topic whatsoever—with the cry, “Moreover, I advise that Carthage must be destroyed” (Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam). Other times, “Carthage must be destroyed” was put more compactly as Carthago delenda est or delenda est Carthago.”


“A defense mechanism through which unacceptable impulses and instinctive urges are diverted into personally and socially acceptable channels; e.g. aggression may be diverted through sports activities.”

Some people are deeply homophobic but they know gay conversion therapy for gender non-conforming children is illegal and frowned upon. So they channel their homophobia into personally and socially acceptable campaign for the rights of gender dysphoric children, to have easy access to treatments such as puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones and gender-reassignment surgeries.

Considering that, if left unmedicated, most of these children are known to grow up into non (gender) dysphoric gay and lesbian adults, they are effectivelly campaigning on a homophobic platform which aims to convert future gays and lesbians into “straight” transgendered people.

Ditto for misogyny, whereby women’s right to sex-protected spaces is made dependent on men’s desire to enter these spaces, and is thereby obliterated. Because it would be socially unacceptable in this day and age for anyone to campaign for the right of men to enter women-only spaces, because male violence toward women is a well-recognised social phenomenon, their misogyny is sublimated into the fight for “human rights” of these men to self-identify as women.

What makes this equally likely to fall into the category of “deliberate gaslighting” is that any objection to gender self-identification is met with an abuse tactic called DARVO – they deny (their misogyny), attack (the laws that make single sex safe spaces and biology that confirms human sex can’t be changed) and reverse victim and perpetrator – women who are concerned about this development are made into perpetrators of “transphobia”, while perpetrators, such as convicted sex offenders who want transfer to women’s prisons, are made into their victims.


The tendency of a repressed wish or feeling to be expressed at a conscious level in a contrasting form, eg. “repressed homosexuality can develop into paranoia via the operation of the defence mechanisms of reaction formation and projection”.

(to be continued…)

14 thoughts on “Trans activist defence mechanisms (evolving list of examples)

    1. la scapigliata says:

      Thank you Joy. I’m doing what I can, for my nieces and nephews and all the innocent children who are being groomed and abused by, like you said, the usual suspects.
      I try to remind myself that women as a class are now more powerful than ever. Which also means that men as a class are the most evolved empathically speaking and least violent then ever before (not that improvement isn’t necessery). We’re in this together, and despite the shocking number of abusive assholes in this movement, majority of both women and men want to have a peaceful and better future for themselves and their kids. This dangerous, profit-driven fad is over as soon as the architects of it can no longer hide their true intentions, and I think that’s already happening.

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  1. Adult Human Female says:

    Getting here nearly a year later but this is a great article and exactly what I’ve just been thinking about their strategies. They use so many DARVO tactics it’s straight out of a domestic abusers’ or narcissists’ handbook. This is brilliant documenting and makes it clear for everyone to see. I keep waiting for more and more people to wake up and see what is happening.

    Liked by 2 people

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